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Nose Pin

Nose Pin: Integrated Nose Clip For Form Fit DesignTo Prevent Air Leakage

Layer 1

Waterproof Non-woven Spunbond Fabric Blocks Large Particles & Microorganisms

Layer 2

Advanced Electrostatically Charged Skin Friendly Microfibre Filter

Layer 3

Meltblown Layer Further Enhances The Absorption & Microfiltration Of Minute Bacteria/Particle

Layer 4

Moisture-proof, Non-toxic, Non-irritating, Soft And Comfortable Ply Provides Excellent Breathability

Layer 5

Provides Multiple Protections Against Dust, Allergens, Contaminants & Toxic Gases

Layer 6

Ultra-fine Meltblown Fibre With High Bacteria/Particle Filtration Efficiency

Ear Loops

Ear Loops: Ultrasonic Welded Extra-soft Ear-loops Eliminating Pressure On The Ears


How to Wear a Mask


  • IconClean Room Production
  • IconSterilized
  • IconMeltblown Layer For High Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
  • IconROHS Approved Insulated Single Core Nose Wire For Form Fit Design To Prevent Air Leakage
  • IconExtra-soft Ear-loops Eliminating Pressure On The Ears
  • IconBio-compatible & Soft Fill Skin-friendly Layers
  • IconLightweight & Easy To Breathe
  • IconLatex Free & Glass Fibre Free
  • IconSoft
  • IconNon Irritating
  • IconOdorless
Product Catalogue No. Model Type Properties Color Packaging
T-N95/FFP2 N95/FFP2 Mask
6 Layered N95/FFP2 mask with two Meltblown layers (Provides highest degree of bacterial/viral filtration), Spun bond, medical grade Non-Woven Poly-Propylene fabric & skin friendly cotton filter
Single core insulated nose wire
Soft-feel, round, stretchable ear-loop
25 pcs/pack,
40 pack/case,
1000 pcs/case
*Available in Bulk & Individually wrapped packaging. Please log on to www.trustaid.in to inquire for further details

Important Guidelines

  • Wash your hands before touching the mask
  • Always wear/remove the mask through ear-loop
  • While you have the mask ON in public places, avoid touching it

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